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Globe Bookends

Bronzed Patina Bookends

Bronzed Patina Finished Brass Globe Bookends

Set of two Bronzed Patina Bookends.

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Bronzed Globe Bookends

Bronzed Globe Bookends

Set of two Bronzed Bookends.

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Globe Bookends Evoke Images of Beauty and History

An Earth globe evokes many images and even superstitions. The notion that the Earth was flat was perpetuated for centuries and it not until the ancient Greeks postulated the theory of a round earth. Today we know the Earth, though not perfectly round, is indeed spherical. Classic depictions of our beautiful planet can be found in decorative globe bookends.

For anyone lucky enough to have traveled into outer space, one gets a spectacular view of our beautiful planet. From the cold distance of space, the Earth is said to resemble a big blue marble with swirls of clouds contrasted against the turquoise blue of the Earth’s oceans. The outlines of immense continents can be seen, though the incredible diversity of motion and human activity is oddly obscured. For the quiet and peaceful vantage point of space, the earth is but a globe in the vastness of the universe.

Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth, we humans wrestle with a myriad of daily challenges like what to do with all of those books. Whether stored neatly on a shelf, sorted and cataloged or strewn about in disarray, our books reflect much of who we are. I prefer neat and sorted to the messier alternative so like many folks, a pair of decorative bookends can add a look of style and sophistication to any book collection.

Knowledge of the true shape of the Earth can be traced back to the ancient Greeks around one fifty BCE. Eratosthenes had gone as far as to roughly calculate the circumference of the Earth. In spite of the advanced planatery observations made by the Greeks, belief in a flat Earth persisted well into the modern or common era. Observing the lunar and solar eclipses can plainly show that the Earth, moon and Sun all have a spherical shape.

Like globe stands, decorative and collectible globe bookends can be found in a wide variety of styles, materials and finishes. Globe bookends may feature detailed relief of the Earth or take on a more satirical look or feel of whimsy.

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Globe Bookends 
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