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Eagle Bookends Make Great Gifts!

Eagle Bookends

Bronzed Eagle Bookends

Set of two Bronzed Eagle Bookends.

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No other animal is more symbolic of strength and freedom than the eagle. Graceful in flight, these magnificent birds were once on the brink of extinction. Thanks to efforts to save the great bird have paid off and they can be found in many areas of North America. The eagle is a favorite among collectors of Americana especially in the form of collectible eagle bookends and eagle head bookends.

The bald eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in the Americas, second only to the condor. With a wingspan of well over six feet, these magnificent birds are thought to mate for life. Unlike other animal species, the female eagle is slightly larger than the male and each has almost identical plumage. The talons, or claws, are strong enough to crush its prey, which consists mostly of small animals and fish. Able to soar gracefully on the wind, the bald eagle looks for tall trees for nest building. The huge nests can weigh over two thousand pounds.

Eagles in Native American Culture

Long before the founding the country, the bald eagle was a very important symbol to Native Americans and remain so today. Though the issue is still surrounded in controversy, there laws are still in place that forbid the possession of bald eagles parts by anyone except members of Native American tribes. The eagle is often thought to be a messenger from god. For some tribes, such as the Lakota Sioux, the passing of an eagle to another is considered a sign and symbol of great honor and respect. Can the same be attributed to eagle bookends?

Eagles as Part of Americana

The American bald eagle has been the national symbol of the United States since the founding of the country. The Great Seal of the United States reflected the history of the thirteen original colonies. Held by the birds strong talons are thirteen arrows and an olive branch with thirteen leaves. The Great Seal can often be seen as the subject of art and collectibles, including bookends.

Eagle bookends are represented in many forms, from the pure art of the species to symbols of patriotism and national pride. The American bald eagle is often depicted as the bearer of the shield and arrows on many of Americas national emblems. The famous Screaming Eagle of the One Hundred and First Airborne Division is one of most recognizable of American military symbols.

Collectible Eagle Bookends

Many of us will never have the privilege of seeing one these beautiful birds in the wild. Through the collecting of eagle memorabilia, we can get a sense of just how magnificent these birds really are. Painters, photographers and other artisans have made the eagle a subject of art and admiration for centuries. The eagle has almost always been portrayed as a creature of great power and solitude. Many of the images have been replicated in the form of various bookend designs.

Eagle bookends can be found in variety of different materials. Classic red, white and blue eagle heads are very popular among collectors of Americana. A favorite among many collectors are eagle and eagle head bookends that combine the eagle with images of the American flag in displays of patriotic feeling. Artistically designed bookends in bronze, brass and even ceramic show this great bird in all of its glory.

There are many antique eagle bookends that may show the bald eagle, wings spread, looking as though they are in full flight. The eyes of the eagle are legendary and many eagle head bookends present the eagle as a wise and seeing creature. Eagle and eagle head bookends make the perfect gift for the collector on your list.

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