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Collectible Dog Bookends

Black Labrador Bookends

Bronzed Brass Smoking Dog Bookends

Set of two bronzed brass on wood Bookends.

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bulldog book ends

Resin Bulldog Bookends

Set of two Resin Bulldog Bookends.

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standing dog book ends

Standing Dog Bookends

Set of two Cast Iron Standing Dog Bookends.

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fu dog book ends

Fu Dogs Bookends

Set of two Cast Iron Fu Dogs Bookends.

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Dog with Cat Bookends

Dog with Cat Bookends

Set of two Brass and Wood Dog with Cats Bookends.

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Collectible dog bookends popularity mirror the fact that dogs have long been considered to be companions to humans and so much more. Many breeds of dogs are capable of doing very specific jobs that serve to make our lives easier and safer. Loyal, intelligent and loving, dogs are revered as the most popular of all domesticated animals. Whether a pedigreed purebred or a lovable mutt, these four legged friends have become an important part of our lives. So it is easy to see why dog bookends are so collectible.

Dog fanciers often collect objects that reflect their favorite breeds and dog bookends are among the most popular collectibles. Over the years, I have had the privilege of having many different dogs. Scattered throughout the house are reminders of my canine friends, past and present, with quite a few sets of dog bookends.

Dogs have long been the subject of art and mythology. Followers of the zodiac and astrology know the significance of canine signs. The Chinese zodiac honors the dog and ascribes the attributes of loyalty and honesty to people born under the sign of the dog. Just as certain breeds of dogs can be stubborn and eccentric, these same qualities can be found in humans born in the year of the dog.

A fun and interesting use of the zodiac is how it is applied to our canine companions. Many people track the birth dates of their dogs using the zodiac. Many dog owners use the zodiac to determine whether a specific breed of dog will be compatible to their astrological sign. While there may not be a connection with how a particular dog behaves and the dogs astrological birth sign, it is never the less a fun way to examine your pets personality.

Historically, many cultures have placed a high value on dogs. Various Chinese dynasties have favored such breeds as the shitz tzu and lhasa apso. Both breeds are often referred to as the little lion dogs and are known for their attentiveness and fierce loyalty. Their keen sense of hearing makes them good watch dogs, warning those in the palace of approaching strangers.

Americans are most definitely fond of dogs as pets and love to dote on their dogs. Americans are big collectors of canine collectibles and dog book ends are no exceptions. Collectible dog bookends feature many aspects of canine life from the comical and whimsical to more sober themes. Dog bookends featuring sporting breeds such as retrievers are often depict the dog in hunting motifs. Working breeds such as herding dogs have long garnered the respect and admiration of humans. For centuries, working dogs have earned that respect because of their strong work ethic and intelligence.

Puppies of all breeds can warm the heart and please the eye. Lets face it, puppies are just too cute to ignore and are a popular subject for dog collectibles. A very popular theme is to feature a puppy or even an entire litter with the mother. There is a feeling of love and tenderness that comes through whenever we see a mother and her pups. Puppy bookends can make a great gift for children of all ages.

Many dog breeds have a proud heritage that comes through in their appearance. Some collectible dog bookends feature the bust or head of the dog. Just like humans, dogs have personalities all their own. Dogs can be real characters and showoffs and the fun side of our furry friends make great subjects for dog bookends. Whether its puppies at play or the unforgettable facial expressions of dog breeds like the bulldog, collectible dog bookends a great gift for yourself or the dog lover in your life.

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Collectible Dog Bookends 
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