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Decorative Bookends Make Great Gifts!

Egyptian Sphinx Bookends

Egyptian Sphinx Book Ends

Set of two Hand Finished Polyresin Bookends.

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Birthdays, holidays and other festive occasions are often celebrated with the age old custom of gift giving. Whether you are buying gift for that special someone, a colleague or a friend, the decision on what to buy can be difficult. Many of us are into collecting. Decorative bookends may be the answer. Bookends can make a very appropriate gift for those folks who collect for fun or as a hobby.

Collectible bookends are available in an endless variety of themes like sports, mythology, animals and religious motifs. Professions of kinds can be found as decorative bookends, whether that profession is law, education, fire fighting, medical. Think of a holiday or other celebration and there is probably a set of bookends that will fit the season or occasion.

Many of us have pets or favorite animals. Any type of animal you can think is available as decorative bookends. Collectible dog bookends are one of the most popular genres of animal bookends with almost every breed being represented. From bulldogs to bassets and puppies to poodles, you can find just the right gift for the dog lover on your list.

Horses and equine themed bookends are a definite favorite and can represent a number of different themes and styles. Western style bookends are popular as are those that honor horseracing, the proverbial sport of kings. The horse holds a very special place in world history and is a common subject in art and mythology.

Like the horse, cats have captivated people of many cultures. As far back as the ancient Egyptians, the cat has been revered as a powerful symbol. The cat was often equated to the status of a god or other symbol deity. Cats were held in such high regard that upon their death, the Egyptians would embalm and wrap the body. Today, cats are still a favorite choice for a house pet and collectible cat bookends would certainly bring a smile to any cat lover on your gift list.

Your gift list may include a sports fan and you will have no trouble finding just the right set of bookends. Name a sport and there are collectible bookends that will score points with any fan. Sports themed bookends depict auto racing, baseball, golf, basketball to name just a few. Sports and hobby related bookends can range from the comical to the commemorative. Notable moments in sports history are captured in bookends and many pay homage to the great heroes of the sporting life.

Decorative bookends can make the perfect gift for children of all ages. From favorite cartoons to the fantasy world of fairy tales, bookends for kids can be full of fun and whimsy. Teddy bears, pandas and animals of every stripe can help you give the children in your life a fanciful way to decorate their special space. The beauty of dancing ballerinas, flights of fancy to outer space and the wonders of nature can all make a great gift for a child. Books for children have not gone out style, even in the digital age. The gifts of decorative bookends have a practical side, helping children keep their favorite books organized and what parent would not appreciate that.

A set of decorative bookends are literally the gift that keeps on giving. They are a perfect way to enhance any decor. Affordable and available in many different materials including wood, bronze, ceramic and stone such as marble and coral, decorative bookends can last a lifetime. So whether you are shopping for yourself or as a gift, bookends are a great way to say something special.

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